Welcoming New-Comers to the Sport Through T-Ball, Rookie Ball and Junior Levels

The Berwick City Cougars organise and manage a local T-Ball program for children, boys and girls, ages 4-8. The program encourages new friendships, working together as a team, increased physical skills, outdoor exercise, and having FUN! We invite parental involvement while running a T-Ball Basics 101 training night for parents each year. 

The program begins in October with our approach to T-Ball is to make it fun and engaging so children learn skills and a love of the sport through the game we play. For Mum and Dad’s convenience, T-Ball is always played at our home park, Cyril Molyneux Reserve, Mansfield St, Berwick.

“Starting at a Junior level gives these kids friends for life, a fantastic reason to exercise, and enjoy the beautiful game of baseball.” Blake Cunningham, Club President


Where: Cyril Molyneux Reserve

When: Friday evenings from 6:00 – 7:00 pm

*For those looking to dip their toes before committing for the season, we offer Come ‘n Try Days prior to the start of the season. This is a quick session where you can find out what the sport is all about and the kids can learn some of the basics behind playing the game with some hands on play time experience.

For ages 9 and up or those with experience, Berwick Cougars offers a comprehensive Juniors Baseball program with teams participating in Little League Major, Little League Minor, Junior League, and Senior League.

We also encourage further development and participation in State League programs and Southern Mariners District competitions. Our Juniors play at a variety or locations, however our home ground is split between Cyril Molyneux Reserve and Sweeney Reserve baseball grounds, with games running on a Sunday morning.

Further information on Juniors Baseball age groups, competition levels, or about eh Berwick City Cougars Junior Club, please contact our Junior Communication Officers, Faye and Rod Anson. info@berwickcitycougars.com.au